Barilla Center for
Food and Nutrition

Digital strategy

A new digital home for the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation

The project strategy

BCFN is a think-tank created to gather knowledge on issues and problems related to food and nutrition, and to propose concrete solutions, reconciling the economic, social, environmental and scientific aspects.

The analyses carried out have highlighted that a concrete strategy of engagement may be highly important to effectively reaching all the targets, including the public, who can become active in the debate and a change in their own nutritional habits.


Our project bases its starting point on this premise.
In fact, the underlying strategy aimed to improve the user experience of all the targets and enhance the quality of the contents, using cross-media languages which is specific and mechanical.

Working with images

Visual research and the creation of a new look and feel for images demonstrating the new style of communication.

Design in action

A mobile first site

The BCFN Forum on Food and Nutrition

We designed an app. which connected users participating in the most important event of the BCFN year: the Forum on Food and Nutrition.

This app. enabled the users not only to sign up easily and subsequently to confirm their presence , but also to receive useful information