Hello, I am Jan
a visual designer
with a passion in

Don't be a stranger, stranger!

I was born in Italy, raised in Padova and currently living and working as a visual designer in milan.
I believe that Design, like Music, is a discipline based on ideas. It is possible, via an excellent orchestration and flawless performance, to create a formally correct work but if ideas are lacking we will simply have have a exercise in style and not much else.
This is my approach to the project and it is this that, in my opinion, should be the work of the designer, going beyond the single specialization, because I am firmly convinced ( and as Vignelli used to say) that Design is One.
I like music from the 70s, reading Tolkien's books, trekking in the Alps, forests and woods and the good British beer, but above all, I love anything and everything on design and visual communication.